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Song & Dance

Attached is a mp3 of the I CAN Song, along with the lyrics, to share with your children and teachers. Accompanying these are a video of Riverside school doing the I CAN dance flashmob. The instructional video of how to perform the moves can also be found in the download link below. We have kept the lyrics and dance both extremely simple and easy to remember for the event. Attached is the flashmob performed at Riverside. Please dont use the flashmob video on social media platforms.



In order to thank the Pope for hosting the Summit, we are creating an enormous quilt representing each country's I CAN spirit and gifting it to Papa. To support this, all partners are requested to create a 1 foot by 1 foot national textile which is unique to your country, with I CAN written (preferably embroidered) in your own language and something that represents children, you can be as creative as you can, make it as funky and fun. Please remember to choose the textile which can be stitched.

MiniBTC Video Template

We are sharing with you a simple template that has an opening and closing slide along with FEEL, IMAGINE, DO, SHARE, which you will use to create the stories, you will then have to create the 1.5 minute video for each stories. You can view the Template from the below View Template link.

  • Template for Novices - for you to do it yourself. Everything in motion is converted into still frame except for opening animation. Any one with basic video editing idea should be able to create video out of this material.
  • Template for Professionals - one needs to be a motion graphics artist cum video editor to work with this option. All required material is provided in this folder. Just watch the instruction video, it is self explanatory.
  • Get my Story Edited - If you require someone else to edit your video, share your footage and fill out the instruction format and the editor team that we use will deliver a broadcast ready story. The details and the price of the editor are included in this folder.


Please download the open file from the below Doownload link for the I CAN Summit T-shirts, in case you wish to print these yourself before the summit. Please stick to the colour scheme provided so that all participants at the summit are instantly recognisable and we form a sea of Canary Yellow.


Consent form

Please download consent from below Download link that you will need to get parents to sign.


Icebreaker Activities

Send us your best ice breaker activities that can get children to come together during the two middle days (28th/29th Nov.) .